Big "cube" on all-water routes from inland port to Shanghai

Once again barge shipping proved as the only efficient alternative to truck or rail even in smalles categories of project logistics. A 20 tons diverter measuring5.00 x 5.00 x 5.00 m had to be shipped from inland works in North Eastern Germany to Hamburg but would have caused problems and sophisticated of permitting procedures if hauled by truck

The 20 tons diverter, a "cube" of 5 m length of edges, leaving the supplier's works at Finow.

So Born-base THLG member John Wetzels B.V. acting as main contractor for his Dutch customer Braden-Europe B.V., Heerlen, decided to ship the "cube" via the new inland harbour Eberswalde by barge to port of shipment,Hamburg.Experts of Rolf Riedl GmbH investigated a suitable roadway for truck haulage from premises of the sub-supplier Finow Rohrleitungsbau GmbH to the nearby inland port which officialy was opened in April 2000 only and arranged handling of the 20 tons piece with harbour master Peter Kikow into a barge chartered from DBR.

Situated on the Oder-Havel Canal the inland harbour of Eberswalde is located about half the way between Berlin and the Polish seaport of Szczecin but also has good, but much longer waterway connections via Havel Canal and Elbe river to Hamburg. Its 420 m straight-lined quay has been equipped with a 45 tons luffing and slewing crane mady by Kranbau Eberswalde GmbH which may emerge as one of the major shippers of project cargoes through the new port. Handling of large-size project shipments is also eased by a 12 m wide ro-ro ramp, 2,360 m rail sidings parallel to the quay and within the port area and 30,000 m2 open storage space for assembling, reassambling and storage of large-size project shipments.

Following barge shipment to Hamburg,"Transgerma" Riedl & Kiehntopf GmbH of Bremen arranged handling at Terminal 80/81 from barge onto a bolster and accordingly shipment by m.v. " Tai-Xing" of Chipolbrok to Shanghai. In charge of supervision the entire transport chain, the Rosenheim affiliate of Rold Riedl GmbH took care of handling of the "cube" at Shanghai facility of DDU, customs clearance and on-carriage by THLG member Cosfre to premises at final destination. Commenting the entire operation executed precisely on time, Rolf Riedl said: "Inland shipping in accordance with the excellent German inland water way network gains growing importance for heavy lift and project logistics. The river craft even contributes to aims of heavy machinery industy and plant exporters to strenghten their competetive power on export markets."

Handling of the diverter in the new East German inland port of Eberswalde by the 45 tons portal luffing and slewing crane into a river craft for pre-carriage to Hamburg and shipment to Shanghai.