Heavy machinery removed by special stage jacking system

Three members of the European Heavy Lift Group successfully proved their technical and cooperative capabilities ery recently with a versatile joint operation including heavy transport,transport engineering and sophisticated handlings. Four heavy components of four injection moulding machines of the Windsor 2700 type had to be removed within the Belgianindustrial city of Genk from the Ford works to the works of Ford subcontractors Conix Belgium N.V.

The joint operation was performed by Frankfurt/M-based GmbH as main contractors, alsi in charge for handlings and shiftings at starting and final positions of the transport chain and by subcontracting Belgian Weghe S.A., Wilrijk, as well as the Dutch EHLG member John Wetzels B.V. of Born, coordinating all activities between deassembling, transportation and re-assembling.

Largest of the four components of the four injection moulding machines have been the clamp units of each 185 tonnes measuring 10,100 x 3,650 x 3,550 mm. Restricted space conditions within the Ford works and the direction not to hinder,disturb or prevent production processes stressed some complications which, however, were surmounted smoothly. So the entire machinery plants were cut-foff from foundations and de-assembled including the roboters. The clamp units and the injection units and other parts of the machine were seperated.

For transport operation into the Conix works the clamp units as the largest and most heavy components were lifted hydraulically to a height of +/- 1,250 mm to be taken over by an eight axle low-bed trailer of Van de Weghe.. Previously the transport route was fixed. Most complicated obstacles on this routing - the hall gate at Ford permitting only 30 mm free height and a railway bridge with a free height of 50 mm - could be passed by the transport units only with fully lowered bed of the hydraulic trailer.

Upon arrival at the Conix works the clamp units were cleared over night and were set down next morning onto preliminary stillages equipped with specific jacks. By means of the stepwise jacking technique (Lukas system) of Riedl & Tschierschke (R&T) combined.