15 Windmill-tower sections from the UK to Etten-Leur, The Netherlands.

Short press cutting

"Mr.Rommens, a Dutch farmer living in the south of the Netherlands, bought five giant windmills to ensure a comfortable financial future for himself......"

In April 2002, John Wetzels was requested to perform a feasibility study for the transportation of these windmills-towersections and thereafter was awarded the contract to do so in early August.
The sections arrived at the Seaport terminal at Moerdijk by barge and were transhipped by two port cranes.

The onward transportation of the windmill-sections to the sides for final placing.

Lenght 30 meters; 4.20 meters diameter and weighing 32.5 tons / each.

Besides the normal operation like temporarly closing down of roads, crossing a railway during special night-hours and a stringent time schedule, this job was twice as difficult because of bad weather during this period and on top of this, the windmills had to be placed somewhere in the middle of nowhere within a large sweetcorn-field near Mr. Rommens farm.


The performance by John Wetzels Logistics B.V. was very well appreciated and highly recommended.